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About Us

Quoteitt is an Innovative Online Estimation Business that has stemmed from 40 Plus Years of experience in the construction industry.

Building Construction has been at the for-front since 1960 as it originated as a family building business of father and sons.

Tragically sudden illness changed the direction of the business as circumstances changed for our family. The business had to go on hold from 2004 to 2006.

2006 saw business back on track with a new business name, Bay Building Solutions.

From this point two long term work colleagues came together to share their education and skills in building and construction.

Business continued to grow from strength to strength.

Customers requiring building estimations became a large part of our business.

By 2017 it became evident that this was a huge need for our customers and tradesmen.

During 2018, we decided to launch our Building Estimation Business which is where Quoteitt was born.

Quoteitt prides itself on its unique business model. Not only do we service our local customers, but we also service other businesses as well.

At the core of our successful business is our customers. To make life easier for you!

We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing an efficient Turn-Around for our customers. We are known to be one of the quickest in the Construction Industry.

We Are Fully Australian Owned. We Operate in Australia and Employ Australian Workers.

Team of engineers discussing blueprint at meeting