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Why use us?

Quoteitt is an Australian based company employing Australians.

All estimates are started and completed in Australia, no offshore estimators used.

Let us do your estimate to give you back work/life balance.

Remove the guesswork from your purchase orders.

Reduce wastage onsite to save you money.

24/7 e-mail support with phone support during business hours.

Fast turnaround time for your estimate 3-4 business days.

How our service works?

Upload your plans, PDF format preferred.

Let us know your requirements.

Supply all relevant information required for your estimate.

Choose the level of estimate you require.

Level 1 to Level 4. See examples of different levels.

You receive a set of marked up plans and an estimate report of quantities.


Before commencing any project, it is necessary to work out the probable cost of construction. This is known as the estimate cost. Accuracy or estimation depends upon the accuracy of drawing specifications and assumption.

Uses of Estimation:

  • Estimation gives a fairly accurate idea of the project cost before the execution of the work can begin.
  • The cost is worked out after considering the drawings and the specifications.
  • The material quantities and material schedules are worked out.

Types of Estimates:

The many types of estimates can be grouped into two main categories.

  1. Approximate estimates
  2. Details Estimates.